Fusion 360: T-Splines Valentines Day Heart


Fusion360 - T-Splines Valentine HeaetSomething a little different, how about a heart modelled in Fusion 360 T-Splines!

Here’s the workflow:

  • Start with a T-Splines Box
  • Set the Display Mode to Box Display (Alt+1)
  • Add 2 new edges on the top face (insertion side = both)
  • Delete the 2 bottom edges (this gives us a Vee-shape)
  • Move the edge at the top of the Vee upwards (double click to select the whole edge)
  • Move the edge on the top of the shape down (this gives us the dip in the top of the heart)
  • Delete the edges int he middle of the shape (double click to select the whole edge)
  • Set the Display back to Smooth Display (Alt+3)

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