Unicode Reference for Extra Symbols

You may need to include additional symbols on your drawings in Fusion 360. The good news, is that we support Unicode symbols. If you’re looking to add a symbol like the “Unequally disposed profile” Ⓤ, or a symbol that is not part of the standard Fusion palette, the tables below have got you covered.

Simply copy and paste the symbol directly into any dialogue that adds text to the drawing, or type in the Unicode required.

Common Symbols:


Additonal Symbols

Symbol Unicode
Almost equal\U+2248
Boundary line\U+E100
Electrical phase\U+0278
Flow line\U+E101
Initial length\U+E200
Monument line\U+E102
Not equal\U+2260
Plate/property line\U+214A
Subscript 2\U+2082

Enclosed Numbers:


Some additional notes on Unicode. The tables above are not exhaustive, your operating system may need additional fonts installed to display all of the characters. Compared to regular Unicode, you may notice that the tables above use a \ before the code, this lets the drawing package know that it should expect a special input, in this case a Unicode Character. Not everything will work, for instance emoji’s don’t display, but hopefully if you were looking to display a U in Fusion 360 Feature Control Frame you now can.

Another small thing to keep in mind, is that Windows and macOS use fonts differently, some symbols may display slightly differently across operating systems. In the examples above, I’ve used Windows, the image below shows that the centerline looks slightly different on a mac.

The good news, is that centerline is included in the standard symbols that come with Fusion, so bear that in mind, most symbols are already there, out of the box.

One last thing is that the symbols that are available, are slightly different depending on the standard (ASME/ISO) of the template you are using.

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