Product Management Experience

Clint Brown

This page was built to share some of my “non core” Product Management experience, highlighting some of the projects that I have worked on over the years.

Additional Products

Web Configurator

Before Configurator 360 & Forge, we identified that web configurators and CPQ products could be useful to our customers. We built a web configurator with an HTML front end that passed XML configurations of designs to Inventor, these were then converted into DWF’s and uploaded to Autodesk Freewheel for the customer to preview. Customers could directly download the 2D and 3D Inventor files, or DWF’s. The neat part of the development, was that the files were Vaulted, and if the configuration being built already existed, the user was pointed to the existing design files.

Below is a basic architecture overview I built in 2011 to describe what I wanted the team to build.

Cadline Apps
(2010 – 2018)

This was my introduction to Product management. Starting with an Autosave app and a Bolted Connection solver for Inventor 2011, the tools eventually became a free productivity toolkit for customers, based on feedback and feature requests. The first iteration boasted a very popular app called “BoM images Exporter” which exported thumbnails from BoM rows to Excel or MS Word.

The video below is the last iteration that I worked on.

In additon to these Inventor Apps, there was also mobile apps for Android and iOS, these were developed by 3rd party developers under a very tight budget.

The mobile apps are essentially a web viewer of the Cadline community site.

Cadline Community
(2010 – 2018)

Cadline Community is Cadline’s customer facing technical website. I was responsible for the usability (Customer experience) of the site, as well as the help-desk (the technical support team fell under my management). I also acted as editor in chief, which meant coming up with style guides for bloggers, scheduling content and managing 25 contributors. I was also responsible for the company social media strategy and advised on SEO.

The initial site was designed as a forum and blog site. It was a split in 2, a website containing blogs, and a totally separate front end for a helpdesk based on an MS Access database.

Maintaining a 99% up time could be a challenge! The CMS was bespoke and and was self hosted on a small physical server, it was eventually ported to a cloud hosting facility, this version of the site had 3 usability redesigns.

In 2015 we upgraded the site and the help-desk to Zendesk, this had a lot of challenges, we were able to implement a really good help-desk, but had to make a lot of changes to the front end of the site to make it work as a website. Below is a picture of the adaptive site we built in 2015 on top of Zendesk.

In 2017 the site was again refreshed, this time we changed it to match our newly revamped corporate sites. The UI was modernised with a view to making it even easier to navigate.

In 2018 Cadline Community was the 4th largest Autodesk blog site in the world, with over 1.7 unique annual views.

AutoConnect Licence tool
(2017 – 2018)
We built our own licencing tool after being frustrated with a 3rd party tool that we had used for years. Our tool was developed to work with standalone, networked or enterprise licences, with a focus on customer experience and ease of use.

Tech Data
(2018 – Present)

From July 2018 to May 2019, I supervised a Computer Science intern, who we tasked with building small apps for customers, and with building “something” in Forge. Below is his final project. This Forge App for BIM 360 Docs, sorted issues by category. It displayed pushpins as red on the model for issues that were overdue.

Unofficial Inventor
(2018 – Present)

This site (Unofficial Inventor) is not really a product, but it does showcase ideas and some iLogic code that I have created since 2018.