Updated: iLogic Unit Converter

Some months back, I created the "iLogic Unit Converter" which used an old Autodesk website that is stored on the Internet Archive. It was a nice proof of concept, but was actually not very useful, due to speed issues and the limited number of conversions available. With that in mind, I updated the code to... Continue Reading →

iLogic: BoM Emailer

I was looking through some of my site logs, and people have been searching for a way to email their BoM's from Inventor. As I already have the iLogic code for sending emails, and for exporting BoM's this was very easy to put together. I added a small section that allows the user to choose... Continue Reading →

Inventor iProperty Helper

Over the years I have written several iLogic utilities for various customers, primarily to force users to fill in iProperties and ensure that model materials are correctly set. The "iProperty Helper", is different, it's a simple dialogue that displays the current iProperties of the model, clicking on a specific iProperty in the list (eg. Part... Continue Reading →

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