Hole Charts in Fusion 360 Drawings

In the last update to Fusion, we added hole charts, they're pretty awesome. For all the details, and a handy video, check out the blog post I wrote for the official Fusion 360 blog by clicking on the image below. Click me for more details and a video

Rev Tables, Markers & Clouds

I wrote a blog post for the official Fusion blog. The March release of Fusion now has revision markers/tags, clouds and tables. Click on the image below for the blog post and YT video. If you are trying to map your current title block Revision Attribute to match the new Revision table, make sure you... Continue Reading →

Jan/Feb 2022 Drawing Updates

It's update time! The Jan/Feb release of Fusion 360 has 3 great updates to the drawings environment. We've updated our welding standard for ANSI users. The latest AWS welding standard is now available to choose in Document Settings. Our welding dialogue now shows the standard in use. Hole & Thread notes have had a HUGE... Continue Reading →

Nov/Dec New Drawing Features

The November/December Fusion 360 update has some really nice enhancements for Manage Extension users, we now support additional Manage Extension Properties in the title block, check out the official Fusion 360 blog for more on this. Improvements and Bug fixes: In addition to the new features mentioned above, the team spent a large portion of... Continue Reading →

September Drawing Enhancements

I recently wrote a blog post for the official Fusion 360 blog, outlining some of the latest features that we added to the last release of Fusion 360. I thought I'd share a video of the new tools in this blog post. The main features that we added in the September release were: Arrange Dimensions... Continue Reading →

Unicode Reference for Extra Symbols

You may need to include additional symbols on your drawings in Fusion 360. The good news, is that we support Unicode symbols. If you're looking to add a symbol like the "Unequally disposed profile" Ⓤ, or a symbol that is not part of the standard Fusion palette, the tables below have got you covered. Simply... Continue Reading →

Edit Balloon Sizes & Text Heights

In the August update to Fusion 360 we added control over Text Height Groups. This enhancement give users control over the text based annotations on drawings, including Balloons! The default setting for Text Height Groups is "Medium", changing this to "Small", or "Large" with scale all text elements down or up proportionally. Dimension arrows, text... Continue Reading →

Fusion 360 August Drawing Updates

In the Fusion 360 August 2021 updates, we added several enhancements. Text Height Group - control balloon sizes, text sizes etc.Line Weights Group - more control over line weights, (with custom options)Grips overhaul - we removed redundant grips and aligned grips with the sketch environment Check out the video showing an overview of the new... Continue Reading →

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