Show Changed Dimensions When Opening Drawings

Guest Post by Jelte de Jong The other day I had a look at the “Inventor Ideas” forum.  I came a cross the following topic “Show Changed Dimensions when Opening Drawings”. (link) Last week someone requested this function in inventor but as it turns out that exactly the same function was also requested in 2017. (link) … More Show Changed Dimensions When Opening Drawings

What is Forge

What is Autodesk Forge? Forge is Autodesk’s cloud development platform. Learn how you can use Forge to build innovative, cloud-powered applications to streamline and innovate how you work.

2020.3 is live – Open Inventor 2021 files in 2021

Inventor 2020.3 is an update that lets you work with others who have upgraded to Inventor 2021, using Inventors’ AnyCAD engine. In an assembly, you can reference in 2021 part and Assembly files. You must have Inventor 2020.3 installed to support opening 2021 part and assembly files. Inventor 2020.3 can be downloaded via the Autodesk desktop … More 2020.3 is live – Open Inventor 2021 files in 2021

iLogic Theme Switcher

Inventor 2021 now comes with a dark theme. Along with the dark theme, the Inventor API samples were updated with a new code sample for switching themes. I converted the initial VBA code sample to iLogic, and it works really well, the code builds a list of available themes (see my thoughts below about this), … More iLogic Theme Switcher

Open-source Visor Mould

Steve Cox of Amfori and I have collaborated on an open-source Visor Injection mould. The files are all available at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to download the files, share them around and share the results with the community, please get in touch if you make any changes, or get this to … More Open-source Visor Mould