AutoCAD Basics: Display Lineweight on Screen

You may wish to display the lineweight thicknesses in your model space within AutoCAD, or you may wish to turn off lineweight thickness in AutoCAD. Simply type LW into your command line. To Turn on lineweights. In the “Lineweight Settings” dialogue box, tick “Display Lineweight” as shown below. With this setting un-ticked the lineweights will not … More AutoCAD Basics: Display Lineweight on Screen

Inventor Quick Tip: Sketch Region Properties

Within the “Sketch” environment in Autodesk Inventor, there is a really handy “Region Properties” tool which calculates properties of selected sketch regions. The calculations performed are; Area, Perimeter, Centroid, Inertia Tensor, Polar Moment of Inertia, Area Moments of Inertia and Radii of Gyration. To access “Region Properties”, you must have a sketch active (i.e. you need to be editing … More Inventor Quick Tip: Sketch Region Properties

Electro-Mechanical Workflows can be easy!

In traditional engineering design processes, electrical and mechanical design workflows have often been separate from each other. This has mainly been down to the tool sets used to create these designs. The Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection changes all of this. It comes packed with tools that make collaboration between electrical and mechanical teams … More Electro-Mechanical Workflows can be easy!

Blog Archive

Below is a set of links to my 228 blog posts on Cadline Community. There are even more in the archives, the list below dates back to the 2012 product releases, so should go far enough back. Enjoy! Vault: Improve Collaboration with Shared Views Use Cadline Connect to Manage Your Vault PDFs Inventor – Quick … More Blog Archive

AutoCAD Basics: Change the Background Colour

You may want to change the background colour in AutoCAD, this is really easy to do, simply follow the steps outlined below. From your model tab in AutoCAD, simply right click anywhere in the window and select “Options”. In the “Options Dialogue”, on the “Display” tab, click “Colors”, then choose your desired colour from the … More AutoCAD Basics: Change the Background Colour

AU London 2018 Preview

If you’re headed to Autodesk University London this year, and are an Inventor or Vault user, you may be interested in the 2 sessions that I am running. The first once is called “Extending Autodesk Vault”. The aim of the class, is to show how to add functionality to Vault, using a tool called “Cadline … More AU London 2018 Preview