iLogic – File Open Timer

I thought I’d share an update to an old timer that I wrote a few years back, it was designed to show the difference between opening a file saved on a network drive, versus one stored locally. The original idea, being that using Vault will give a user a much better experience when opening large... Continue Reading →

Run iLogic Rules from the Ribbon

I'm extremely excited to talk about a new FREE app that allows you to add iLogic rules to your ribbon in Inventor. The app is called "Button Constructor" and has been built by a regular contributor to this site, Jelte de Jong. Simply put, you can add your EXTERNAL iLogic rules to your ribbon in Inventor.... Continue Reading →

Using Barcodes with Vault Mobile App

The new Autodesk Vault mobile app has a built in Barcode Scanner with is really handy. You may be wondering what exactly you can use it for. I've found that the app works with QR codes and Barcodes. Barcodes are really easy to implement into your workflows, as certain types of barcodes are fonts. In... Continue Reading →

iLogic Quick Tip: Remove Assembly Appearance Overrides

I adapted an API sample to work with iLogic. This utility removes assembly appearance overrides in your assemblies, as shown below. Here's the code: Public Sub RemoveAssemblyOverrides() ' Get the active assembly document. Dim asmDoc As AssemblyDocument Set asmDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument ' Iterate through the objects that have an override. Dim obj As ComponentOccurrence For... Continue Reading →

Get Control Definition Names – iLogic Tool

By Jhoel Forshav For this blog post I thought I’d share the code for an iLogic tool I’ve written to easily find the names of control definitions. I’ve seen on the Inventor Customization Forum that users from time to time ask about the these names in order to execute them through the CommandManager (ThisApplication.CommandManager.ControlDefinitions(”ControlDefinitionName”).Execute).  So,... Continue Reading →

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