iLogic: BoM Emailer

I was looking through some of my site logs, and people have been searching for a way to email their BoM’s from Inventor. As I already have the iLogic code for sending emails, and for exporting BoM’s this was very easy to put together. I added a small section that allows the user to choose … More iLogic: BoM Emailer

Inventor iProperty Helper

Over the years I have written several iLogic utilities for various customers, primarily to force users to fill in iProperties and ensure that model materials are correctly set. The “iProperty Helper”, is different, it’s a simple dialogue that displays the current iProperties of the model, clicking on a specific iProperty in the list (eg. Part … More Inventor iProperty Helper

What Exactly is iLogic?

What is iLogic? iLogic is an interface that allows Inventor users (non coders) to create routines that automate common tasks, such as changing parameters, updating part numbers, or checking that the correct material has been assigned to the model. Here are 3 reasons to use iLogic: Rules-based design with no programming expertise required Simple way … More What Exactly is iLogic?