Run iLogic Rules from the Ribbon

I’m extremely excited to talk about a new FREE app that allows you to add iLogic rules to your ribbon in Inventor. The app is called “Button Constructor” and has been built by a regular contributor to this site, Jelte de Jong.

Simply put, you can add your EXTERNAL iLogic rules to your ribbon in Inventor. The app has a simple interface which allows you to add your rules to pretty much anywhere in the Inventor interface.

In the image below, I have an “iLogic Theme Switcher” rule available from the ribbon

Once the app is installed, a new command is added to the “iLogic” panel under the Manage Tab. This new command is called “Button Constructor”

Clicking “Button Constructor” will load up the interface (Full instructions in the video below).

Another benefit of this app, is that your rules are added to the right click menu after they have been run, meaning that you can repeat commands quickly.

I’ve put together a 5 minute video that includes instructions for downloading, installing and using the app.

Custom icons can be used with your rules. These icons need to be in either PNG, BMP or ICO format. The icons must be 32×32 Pixels for the large buttons and 16×16 Pixels for the small icons.

You can download the app here:

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