Mirror Part and Drawing with iLogic

  I wrote 2 iLogic utilities to help users with the creation of mirrored part files, and their accompanying drawings. The first iLogic utility creates a mirrored version of a part file, and saves it with the suffix "_Mirror" (to the same location as the original). It works quite well and handles multi-body solids too.... Continue Reading →

iLogic Security: Are You Safe?

It is really easy to download CAD files from the internet, and it's even easier to copy and paste iLogic code from online forums. For the most part this is generally not an issue, however, there is a chance that malicious code could be embedded in iLogic rules, or in code that automatically launches when... Continue Reading →

IMPROVED: iProperty Tool-Tip with iLogic

A few months back I created an iProperties Tool-Tip for Inventor Assembly files. The tool sets the selection filter to "Part Priority" and then displays a set of iProperties for that part. The original blog post can be found by clicking on the image below: New and improved: I recently found myself working on a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Forms & iLogic

Guest Post by M Veldkamp Forms are great if you know how to use them. For me, I never really bothered with Forms until quite recently. I’d like to give you some neat tricks I picked up while writing an iLogic Rule. Maybe you can recognise this situation. I wrote a couple of nice iLogic... Continue Reading →

Inventor 2020.1 Updates

Autodesk Inventor 2020.1 is live, here are some of my favourite new features, as well as the details of how to get hold of the update  ----------->  Click here for a live link to my 2020.1 posts.

Inventor 2020.1: Copy Properties Update

A really small, but useful enhancement to Inventor has been made in the 2020.1 update, and that is the addition of an icon next to the "Copy Properties" tool on the right click menu (drawing environment), as show above. The "Copy Properties" tool is a really useful way to match the properties of on Dimension... Continue Reading →

Inventor 2020.1 Horizontal Shortcut

Inventor 2020.1 has a nice small enhancement to the Sketching environment, and that is the inclusion of a keyboard shortcut for the Horizontal command. To access the Horizontal Command in Inventor 2020.1's sketch environment, simply press the dash key [ - ] (as shown below) When Mousing over the commands, both Horizontal and Vertical Constraints,... Continue Reading →

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