iLogic Error – “The Cloud File Provider is Not Running”

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I got a pretty serious looking Microsoft .NET Framework error this weekend when trying to run an external iLogic rule. The strange part was that I got the same error no matter what iLogic rule I tried to run, and the error even popped up if I tried to edit an iLogic rule.

After a bit of thought (and actually reading the error message)…

Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your
application. If you click Continue. the application will ignore this error
and attempt to continue.

The cloud file provider is not running.

I realised that the problem was really simple. A day or so before this, I had synced all of my external iLogic rules to OneDrive, and had selected “Clear Space” on the folder, which removes the files from the local hard drive, but keeps a copy in the cloud. My laptop was not connected to the internet, so there was no connection available to sync with OneDrive and download the files. By simply reconnecting to the web, the external rules were available, and the error message did not re-appear!

This example worked with OneDrive, but it would be the same for any cloud service, like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

I guess the lesson here, is to read what the error messages are telling us.


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