Easy Collaboration with Shared Views

One of my favourite new features in Autodesk Inventor 2019 has to be "Shared Views". The ability to share a 3D model with almost anyone on practically any device, makes this really powerful. "Shared Views" add the ability to gather design feedback from teams outside of your organisation, and because it's cloud native, there's no... Continue Reading →

Vault 2019 – Get Your Add-ins in Order

You may have the Autodesk Vault Client installed on your CAD workstation, but find that the product specific add-ins are not installed. This is pretty simple to resolve, the steps laid out below show how I recently added the Vault add-ins for MS Outlook and AutoCAD Electrical to my system. Step one, go to "Apps... Continue Reading →

Inventor – Sharing Hole Pre-sets

Autodesk Inventor 2019 introduced a new hole tool interface, and allowed users to create hole pre-sets. Pre-sets save users time when specifying new holes. By default Hole pre-sets are stored locally, this location could be set to a network location, allowing multiple users to access the same pre-sets. Simply save your current hole pre-sets to... Continue Reading →

Super Charge Your Vault Searches

Autodesk Vault has some very powerful search functionality built in, and with a few extra tricks up our sleeve, you can become a search Jedi! Here are a few things you can try. Try *. to find files of a specific extension: eg: *.ipt will find all part files, *.iam will find all assembly files Try... Continue Reading →

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