Vault 2019 – Get Your Add-ins in Order


You may have the Autodesk Vault Client installed on your CAD workstation, but find that the product specific add-ins are not installed.

This is pretty simple to resolve, the steps laid out below show how I recently added the Vault add-ins for MS Outlook and AutoCAD Electrical to my system.

Step one, go to “Apps and Features” in Windows, locate “Vault Client” then click uninstall, then uninstall again. It may seem a bit scary, but this actually loads the Autodesk Vault installer, which will then allow you to add or remove features.


Once the Vault installer pops up, click on “Add or Remove Features”.


On this next screen, choose the features that you wish to add, or remove.


Click “Update”, the installer will run, and once complete, click “Finish” and you’re done!

Below is an animated GIF showing the workflow. Note that the installation part of the sequence has been shortened, this will take longer on your machine.Clint Brown Autodesk Vault - add features

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