How to Enable Dark Mode – Inventor 2021

With the release of Inventor 2021, "Dark Mode" is now available, and if you've been wondering how to enable it, gere's how! Got to ToolsThen Application OptionsOn the Colors Tab, find the "UI Theme" drop downChoose "Dark"Click Apply Click me for a Higher Resolution Image After a few seconds, Inventor will now show the new... Continue Reading →

What’s new in Inventor 2021

Inventor 2021 is here, check out the videos below to find out about the new features. The Inventor 2021 help file contains all of the updates to this release as well as previous releases, check it out here: Experience (Dark Mode): Performance Enhancements: Parts: AnyCAD improvements - Revit workflows: Frame... Continue Reading →

One Rule to Search Them All – Guest Post

Guest Post by Jelte de Jong Over the years, I have created several assemblies containing many parts with various iLogic rules, generally they work perfectly. But sometimes for seemingly no reason, an edge case will not work as expected, and is usually discovered by a colleague. The challenge is that I then need to find... Continue Reading →

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