How to Enable Dark Mode – Inventor 2021

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With the release of Inventor 2021, “Dark Mode” is now available, and if you’ve been wondering how to enable it, gere’s how!

  • Got to Tools
  • Then Application Options
  • On the Colors Tab, find the “UI Theme” drop down
  • Choose “Dark”
  • Click Apply
light mode
Click me for a Higher Resolution Image

After a few seconds, Inventor will now show the new Dark Mode interface.

Autodesk Inventor - Dark Mode

Below is a preview of the Ribbons in the Part. Assembly and Drawing environments.

Autodesk Inventor Dark Mode

You can get back to your original settings by selecting “Light” in the “UI Theme” drop down under “Color” in your Application Options.

Note that “Dark Theme” is still in Preview mode. The Autodesk development team are working hard behind the scenes to get a full version of the “Dark Theme” ready. Some parts of the interface are still “white”, like the fillet command for example.

The following commands have been moved to the new panel interface in the 2021 release, meaning that they are supported by the dark theme.

  • Bend Part
  • Split
  • Combine
  • Decal
  • Copy Object
  • Thicken/Offset
  • Coil
  • Delete face

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