Magic 8 Ball in Inventor With iLogic

I built a magic 8 ball using iLogic, utilising the random number generator to create a random answer. You are probably wondering why... Well the answer is, why not! I got the idea while stuck in traffic, and it was really quick and easy to knock together, so I thought I would share it here.... Continue Reading →

A Year of The New Blog

Just about a year ago, I started blogging on this site, mostly about Inventor and iLogic, but also about Fusion360, AutoCAD and Vault. As you may have gathered by now, I am a bit of a CAD geek and enjoy putting together iLogic routines, and general workflows, some of which start out as my ideas,... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Foundation Volunteering

Yesterday I attended a meeting at Autodesk in Farborough, and everyone in our meeting was asked to join in on one of the volunteering sessions that the Autodesk Foundation were holding in partnership with SolarBuddy. SolarBuddy are an Australian company, and the lights we assembled are being sent to underprivileged kids in Papua New Guinea.... Continue Reading →

Understanding Virtual Components

Virtual Components, or Virtual Parts in Autodesk Inventor are "empty" placeholder parts that allow users to replicate items like grease, or other consumables that would generally not be modelled.

Set Random Face Colours With iLogic

This blog post is a direct result of a discussion on Twitter! the request was to automatically assign a random colour to a face in an Inventor part. I wrote a little bit of code, loosely based my previous blog post, looking at generating random numbers to create colours. This specific code simply assigns a random... Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails in Inventor with iLogic

This is admittedly a bit of a random idea! This blog post shows how to flip a coin using iLogic in Inventor. UPDATE: There is a new version that uses a 3D Coin in an Inventor .IPT; available here. The idea came from my previous blog post, looking at generating random numbers to create colours.... Continue Reading →

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