Autodesk Foundation Volunteering

Yesterday I attended a meeting at Autodesk in Farborough, and everyone in our meeting was asked to join in on one of the volunteering sessions that the Autodesk Foundation were holding in partnership with SolarBuddy.

SolarBuddy are an Australian company, and the lights we assembled are being sent to underprivileged kids in Papua New Guinea. These kids live under some pretty harsh conditions. With no electricity, they rely on kerosene laps for light to do their homework and studies. The kerosene lets off toxic smoke and fumes, making them really unhealthy. The SolarBuddy lights are brilliant, as they do not require any fuel, are totally renewable and much brighter than a kerosene lamp, making it much easier to read in the dark.

Pictured below are my colleague Joe, Craig from Graitec and Kevin for Autodesk, all smiles as we worked hard at getting the lights built.


I have to say that it was really nice to have hopefully made a small difference!

Here is an overview of the build process.

A big thanks again to Autodesk for involving us all. I think the Autodesk Foundation is doing some really important work.

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