iLogic: Automate Your Print Jobs

Have you ever wanted to use iLogic to print drawings, or create specific printer setups? Look no further, I have converted the Inventor print API sample to iLogic and expanded it to expose additional functions. Using this code you could set up rules for specific print job types, or just for specific printers. The code... Continue Reading →

iLogic – Suppress/Unsuppress and Delete Rules

You may need an easy way to delete, suppress or unsuppress iLogic rules in an Inventor file. Generally you may want to delete internal rules in files, as running rules externally is often better (maybe I'll explain my thoughts in another blog post). Doing this is quite simple, see the line of code below. iLogicVb.Automation.DeleteRule(DocumentName,... Continue Reading →


And that's a wrap. Another AU under the belt. I had such a good time catching up with customers, friends and colleagues from around the world. This year was my 10th, which in itself is mind blowing. I didn't present a class this year, which meant I had a lot more time to enjoy AU.... Continue Reading →

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