iLogic: Automate Your Print Jobs

iLogic Autodesk Inventor Print Jobs

Have you ever wanted to use iLogic to print drawings, or create specific printer setups?

Look no further, I have converted the Inventor print API sample to iLogic and expanded it to expose additional functions. Using this code you could set up rules for specific print job types, or just for specific printers. The code is well commented, so should be easy to navigate.

Hopefully this will enable you to automate your print jobs with iLogic!

'This version of Code by @ClintBrown3D, based on the Inventor API sample
'Converted to iLogic and expanded to expose more print functions
'First Published at

'Get the active document and check whether it's drawing document
If ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.DocumentType = kDrawingDocumentObject Then
Dim oDrgDoc As DrawingDocument
oDrgDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

' Set reference to drawing print manager
Dim oDrgPrintMgr As DrawingPrintManager
oDrgPrintMgr = oDrgDoc.PrintManager

' Set the printer name
' comment line below to use default printer
oDrgPrintMgr.Printer = "Microsoft Print to PDF"
'Set the Scale and orientation 
oDrgPrintMgr.ScaleMode = kPrintBestFitScale
'oDrgPrintMgr.ScaleMode = kPrintCurrentWindow

'Set the paper size
oDrgPrintMgr.PaperSize = kPaperSizeA4
'oDrgPrintMgr.PaperSize = kPaperSizeA2
'oDrgPrintMgr.PaperSize = kPaperSizeA1
'oDrgPrintMgr.PaperSize = kPaperSizeA0

'Set the Range - Current or All - To use this Comment out " Sheet Range" section below
oDrgPrintMgr.PrintRange = kPrintAllSheets
'oDrgPrintMgr.PrintRange = kPrintCurrentSheet

'Set Sheet Range - To use this Comment out "Range" section above
'Dim FromSheet As Integer = 1
'Dim ToSheet As Integer = 2
'oDrgPrintMgr.PrintRange = kPrintSheetRange
'oDrgPrintMgr.SetSheetRange(FromSheet, ToSheet)

'Set Colours - True or False
oDrgPrintMgr.AllColorsAsBlack = False
'oDrgPrintMgr.AllColorsAsBlack = True

'Set Lineweights Behaviour
'oDrgPrintMgr.RemoveLineWeights = False
oDrgPrintMgr.RemoveLineWeights = True

'Set Rotation Behaviour
oDrgPrintMgr.Rotate90Degrees = False
'oDrgPrintMgr.Rotate90Degrees = True
'Set Tiling behaviour
oDrgPrintMgr.TilingEnabled = False
'oDrgPrintMgr.TilingEnabled = True

'Set the Orientation
oDrgPrintMgr.Orientation = kLandscapeOrientation
'oDrgPrintMgr.Orientation = kPortraitOrientation
End If

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