Autodesk Open Up Access to 5 Previous Versions

Starting November 2, 2020, Autodesk is expanding access for all customers (on subscription and maintenance plans) to the latest release and up to 5 versions back. Check out the full details here.  Please Note: Although Autodesk are expanding access to 5 versions back, only the current and 3 versions back will be eligible for Autodesk technical support.

iLogic: Supress Constraints & Ground All Components

Several months back, I created an iLogic routine that will delete all mates & joints in an assembly, and ground all of the components. I was asked if I could do something similar for a client. The requirement was to supress all mates and joints, then ground all of the components in the assembly. The … More iLogic: Supress Constraints & Ground All Components

iLogic – Occurrence Selection Filter In Drawings

Guest Post by Jhoel Forshav When developing iLogic rules, it’s quite common that you’ll need to prompt the user to pick something from the model window. For example, it could be a face, a component occurrence, a model edge etc. For most of the different types of selections your code might require, there’s a corresponding … More iLogic – Occurrence Selection Filter In Drawings

iLogic: Unexpected Results

Guest Post by Jelte de Jong If you have read any of my blogs post before, you’ll know that I like to challenge myself to solve other Inventor user’s problems. I usually find these problems on the Inventor Customization Forum. A while back, I came across an interesting problem. This user wanted to change the iProperties … More iLogic: Unexpected Results