Autodesk Cloud Services Up-time Dashboard

If you use AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Fusion360, Vault, or pretty much any of the main stream Autodesk products, you will have at some stage used an Autodesk cloud service. To help understand any planned maintenance or outages, Autodesk have created a "Health Dashboard", which shows the current status of all cloud services, as well as... Continue Reading →

iLogic Unit Converter

This blog post a bit of a throwback to a few years ago, it's based on a very old unit converter that was hosted on Autodesk's website. The idea of this blog post, is an iLogic rule to fire up the unit converter inside of Inventor, as shown in the animation below. To make this... Continue Reading →

Simple iLogic Progress Bar

I've previously shared a blog post on how to hack the Inventor Progress bar in iLogic. But sometimes this can be quite a lot of work (to code), or the process that you are showing a progress bar for, does not have any steps to iterate through, which makes the official progress bar tricky to... Continue Reading →

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