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If you use AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Fusion360, Vault, or pretty much any of the main stream Autodesk products, you will have at some stage used an Autodesk cloud service.

To help understand any planned maintenance or outages, Autodesk have created a “Health Dashboard”, which shows the current status of all cloud services, as well as any historical outages.

The dashboard is self-explanatory, and uses the following key to show the status of each service

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Below is a snapshot of the site

Autodesk Health dashboard1

Clicking on “History” shows an historic view of each service.

Autodesk Health dashboard2

In the image above, “BIM 360 Account Administration” shows that it’s service was degraded, clicking on the “!” icon shows the issue, as well as the resolution.

@ClintBrown3D Autodesk Inventor 07

Signing in to the dashboard, gives you the additional option of subscribing to notifications for the services that you have an interest in. For the CAD/BIM/IT/Drawing office managers out there, this is a must.

Autodesk cloud up time

Bonus, I have created a BETA Android app. The app is called “Unofficial Autodesk Health”, it doesn’t need any special permissions, only internet access. You can optionally sign into the app with your Autodesk credentials, but this is not needed to see the dashboard. You are unable to use the “Health Subscription” part of the site in this version of the app.

Below is a screenshot of the app, it’s very basic, but might just prove useful.

Autodesk cloud up time app

UPDATE: 8 January 2021:

All of the Unofficial Android Apps have now been discontinued. Please use the Autodesk Health website.

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