Inventor 2021 – Revit Interoperability

Inventor 2021 has had a major overhaul of the way it handles Revit files. The AnyCAD updates to Inventor 2021, mean that Revit files can be referenced into Inventor assemblies, and any changes that happen to the Revit file, are updated in Inventor through the AnyCAD engine. Working with Architectural data is now easier than... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Cloud Services Up-time Dashboard

If you use AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Fusion360, Vault, or pretty much any of the main stream Autodesk products, you will have at some stage used an Autodesk cloud service. To help understand any planned maintenance or outages, Autodesk have created a "Health Dashboard", which shows the current status of all cloud services, as well as... Continue Reading →

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