Inventor 2020.1 Updates

Autodesk Inventor 2020.1 is live, here are some of my favourite new features, as well as the details of how to get hold of the update  ———–>  Click here for a live link to my 2020.1 posts.

Autodesk Vault 2020: New Features

Vault 2020 is now available, this release features updates to the Vault Sync tool, as well as Copy Design and some improved functionality around PDF’s. Below are 3 videos highlighting the new features: New features in Project Sync: New Features in Copy Design: 2020 PDF Enhancements:

Inventor 2020: Fix “Can’t Locate the Inventor Custom Content”

When trying out the Inventor 2020 “Insert End Caps” command for the first time, you may run into the following error message: Frame Generator “Can’t Locate the Inventor Custom Content” The fix is really simple. Inventor 2020’s content centre is installed with a custom library for the end caps. This needs to be added to … More Inventor 2020: Fix “Can’t Locate the Inventor Custom Content”