iLogic Unit Converter

This blog post a bit of a throwback to a few years ago, it’s based on a very old unit converter that was hosted on Autodesk’s website. The idea of this blog post, is an iLogic rule to fire up the unit converter inside of Inventor, as shown in the animation below. To make this … More iLogic Unit Converter

Inventor 2020.1 Updates

Autodesk Inventor 2020.1 is live, here are some of my favourite new features, as well as the details of how to get hold of the update  ———–>  Click here for a live link to my 2020.1 posts.

Autodesk Vault 2020: New Features

Vault 2020 is now available, this release features updates to the Vault Sync tool, as well as Copy Design and some improved functionality around PDF’s. Below are 3 videos highlighting the new features: New features in Project Sync: New Features in Copy Design: 2020 PDF Enhancements:

Inventor 2020: Fix “Can’t Locate the Inventor Custom Content”

When trying out the Inventor 2020 “Insert End Caps” command for the first time, you may run into the following error message: Frame Generator “Can’t Locate the Inventor Custom Content” The fix is really simple. Inventor 2020’s content centre is installed with a custom library for the end caps. This needs to be added to … More Inventor 2020: Fix “Can’t Locate the Inventor Custom Content”