Unofficial & Retro Inventor AutoCAD & Vault Icons

I have many versions of Inventor, AutoCAD and Vault (Clients) installed on my PC. Sometimes I fire up the wrong software and it wastes time

A few months back, I saw some custom icons for Autodesk product and this got me thinking… What if I had a specific icon for each release of Inventor, Vault or AutoCAD on my machine.

For Vault users, you are probably familiar with the Vault Client, Job Processor and ADMS having the same or similar icons.

With all of this in mind, I created a rather epic icon pack that I want to share with you here. You may notice that I have created icons going back several releases and forward to the 2026 release.

Here’s what the icons look like, note that they all have transparencies built in;

AutoCAD versions:

Retro AutoCAD icons, inspired by the much loved Release 14 style:

Vault Icons:

Inventor Icons by release:

Inventor Retro icons:

To use the icons, the first step is to download the icon pack from HERE. Save the icons to “C:\Autodesk\Unofficial Inventor icons”. Or drag the zip file to “C:\Autodesk\” and then right click on the zip and select “Extract All”, this will extract the icons to “C:\Autodesk\Unofficial Inventor icons”

Here’s a video showing how to set up the icons on your machine, note that you should close ALL Autodesk products before changing the icons. Set the icons wherever you normally use them (desktop, taskbar etc.), then edit them as per the video below.

The icons are supplied “as is” I take no responsibility for how they are used, or if they cause any issues on your system. If you do share them, please point back to this site, ENJOY!

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