iLogic Quick Tip: Delete Sick Dimensions

Have you ever wanted to delete orphaned or unattached dimension on an Inventor drawing? The good news, is that it’s really easy to do, and Autodesk have provided a sample VBA program to do this in the API help files.

I’ve converted this to work with iLogic, see the GIF below:

Here’s the iLogic code

'This version of iLogic code by @ClintBrown3D, Adpated from the Inventor API samples :
'This code deletes unattached dimensions

    ' Set a reference to the active drawing document
    Dim oDoc As DrawingDocument
    oDoc = ThisDoc.Document 'ThisServer.ActiveDocument
    ' Set a reference to the active sheet
'    Dim oSheet As Sheet
    oSheet = oDoc.ActiveSheet
    ' Iterate over all dimensions in the drawing
    ' and delete unattached (sick) dimensions.
    For Each oDrawingDim In oSheet.DrawingDimensions
        If oDrawingDim.Attached = False Then
            Call oDrawingDim.Delete
        End If

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