Get Control Definition Names – iLogic Tool

By Jhoel Forshav

For this blog post I thought I’d share the code for an iLogic tool I’ve written to easily find the names of control definitions. I’ve seen on the Inventor Customization Forum that users from time to time ask about the these names in order to execute them through the CommandManager (ThisApplication.CommandManager.ControlDefinitions(”ControlDefinitionName”).Execute).

 So, instead of googling for a list of ControlDefinitions (That may be difficult to interpret, outdated or whatever) I thought I’d write a rule to more or less record ControlDefinitions executed in the application. That way, you can execute your command manually and then just copy the ControlDefinition name to your iLogic code, VBA project etc.

I’ll not go into detail of how this code works, this post is more about sharing the tool for you to use while developing your own code. To create the form for this tool I used the forms editor in Visual Studio, then I copied it into an iLogic rule with some minor tweaks.

My recommendation, if you intend to use the tool, is to add the code to an external rule and create a button for it on your Global Forms tab. Thats how I’ve set it up in the video below.

Click the image below for the iLogic code:

About the Author:

Jhoel Forshav has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a of Master of Science degree in Engineering – Design and Product Development.

He graduated from Linköping University in 2016 and works for a Swedish company that creates industrial steel products. Jhoel’s role at the company is best explained as that of the CAD-expert, automating processes through Addins, iLogic rules and standalone applications for Inventor. Jhoel oversees the CAD procedures and helps manage the Vault.

Jhoel is very active on the Inventor Customization forum and has been an Autodesk Expert Elite member since September 2020.

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