Using XML to Drive iLogic Configurations

This blog post is something that I have been wanting to share for some time, it is definitely a topic that should be given some serious consideration when creating iLogic configurations. What exactly am I on about? When creating Assembly and Drawing files in Inventor, there is the potential to create several thousand files every... Continue Reading →

Inventor – Expanded Menu Quick Tip

Guest Post by Sarah Manning Thanks for checking out my first Inventor guest blog, this is a "Quick Tip", I hope you find it useful. Inventor users might find it difficult to locate specific commands which seem hidden away under drop downs, or expanded menus. For instance the "Move Bodies" and "Bend" commands, are tucked... Continue Reading →

SpaceMouse Wireless Kit Review

A few months back, the good folks at 3D Connexion sent me a SpaceMouse Wireless Kit. I've been using the kit every day for some time now, and I love it. The kit comes with both a SpaceMouse and a CadMouse. Many years back, I had a full sized SpaceMouse permanently connected to my CAD... Continue Reading →

Batch Logic for Inventor & Vault

Thomas Rambach of recently asked if I would BETA test his latest creation "Batch Logic". Before I get into Batch Logic, it's worth pointing out that Thomas is the creator of Swift Prints and Design Notes for Inventor. Batch Logic is two fantastic utilities rolled into one, the first for Inventor and another for... Continue Reading →

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