Inventor 2020: New Unwrap Command

Inventor 2020's new Unwrap command allow you to flatten nearly any shape into a flat surface that can be saved or exported in different formats. This is a great stride forward, and will allow sheet metal users to unwrap trickier geometry where material deformation is taking place. It may also help people design things like... Continue Reading →

Inventor 2020: Improved User Interface

With the release of Autodesk Inventor 2020, there is a fresh new user interface. Along with a brighter "skin", all of the icons have been re-engineered, making them sharper on 4K displays. But the highlight has to be that more features are moving to the browser interface, or "property panel UI" In Inventor 2020, Extrude,... Continue Reading →

Custom Section Capping in Inventor 2020

A nice new feature in Autodesk Inventor 2020 is the ability to customise Section Capping. When creating half, quarter and 3 quarter sections in parts and assemblies, you are now able to change the default grey (concrete looking) section to a bitmap image in your application options. Note that although the feature is called "Bitmap... Continue Reading →

Check & Report on iProperties with iLogic

I've written an iLogic routine to check through an assembly and write report on all parts that have not had their materials correctly assigned. The iLogic code creates a text file called "iProperties.txt" in "C:/Temp". The report contains the name of any files that have "Generic" listed as the material, as well as the designer.... Continue Reading →

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