Vault Mobile App: Setup & More

Autodesk have just launched the exciting new Vault Mobile App. I've tested it, it's awesome, but you need to be aware of a few things. The first hurdle is connecting to the server, you need to specify the server's IP address as shown below. In my testing I found that if I specified the server... Continue Reading →

iLogic Properties Tool-Tip #3

This week's post is a variation on a theme, hence the name. I've previously written about "Tool-Tips" with iLogic in Inventor (see posts below). The common theme is that the tool-tip will show iProperties for a part in the assembly (using a section filter). This version shows these properties at the tool-tip, as well as... Continue Reading →

iLogic: Unexpected Results

Guest Post by Jelte de Jong If you have read any of my blogs post before, you'll know that I like to challenge myself to solve other Inventor user's problems. I usually find these problems on the Inventor Customization Forum. A while back, I came across an interesting problem. This user wanted to change the iProperties... Continue Reading →

Run Inventor As Administrator

You may come across instances where Inventor will not load an add-in or a DLL, this is sometimes manifested in an error message, or a function just not working. When installing Inventor, it should always be done with the UAC turned right down, with the user logged on as an Administrator, and with the anti-virus... Continue Reading →

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