Autodesk Uninstall Tool

For several years now Autodesk have included an uninstall tool with their software. It is the quickest and best way to remove Autodesk software from your Windows system.

Fusion 360 is a bit different though, so If you are looking to remove Fusion 360 Please follow these instructions

For other Autodesk products, the uninstall tool is extremely useful for removing old versions of software, or removing a failed installation, for more help on successful installs, see this article.

Here’s how to use the uninstall tool;

Fire up the uninstall tool, as shown below:

Once the tool launches, choose the products that you wish to remove and then click “Uninstall”.

The tool will show a progress bar at the bottom, as well as the current program being removed.

That’s it, you’ve successfully removed your old software.

If you are trying to recover a failed installation, try deleting the contents of your TEMP folder (usually “C:\TEMP”) AFTER running the uninstall tool. This needs to be done BEFORE running a new installation. See this article for help with a new installation.

Note that the uninstall tool does not remove any 3rd party add-ins.

What if that didn’t work? Some people have reported success with the Windows Install and Uninstall troubleshooter.

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