Successfully Installing Your Autodesk Software

I’ve been asked several times recently to help people with installation issues of their Autodesk software, so I thought it would be best to put a blog post together, to make my life (and yours) easier. If you follow these instructions EXACTLY, your instillation should run smoothly (as long as your PC is healthy!)

If you are trying to recover a failed installation, or need to remove old versions of software, please see this article on using the Autodesk uninstall tool before proceeding.

Some notes: You will need to have Admin rights on the PC, this is a pre-requisite. You will also need to temporarily disable the Anti-Virus during the installation, but we’ll get to that a bit later. Read this through to the end.

Downloading your software: The best (not the fastest) way to get your software is through a browser download. From your browser, navigate to Click on “All Products and Services” and locate your software. Then click on “View downloads”.

Click “View all” under “Download Method”

Make sure that you choose “Browser Download”.

Click “Start Download”

Tip: Save the files(s) (there may be multiple) to “C:\Autodesk”, as this is where the installers generally unpack their files.

OK, the software is downloaded, now we move on to Installation Preparation.

  1. Make sure that you have full admin permissions on this PC.
  2. Disable the UAC, to do this, type UAC into the search bar, then click on “Change User Account Control settings”.

Inside the UAC dialogue, move the slider down to “Never notify”

3. Disable your Ani-virus software (temporarily). This is important, as the installer may get blocked by your anti-virus, and this is what causes a lot of install issues. Google is your best firend here, each anti-virus is different.

Now that we are properly prepared, we can move on to the Installation.

Installation: Navigate to the location of your downloaded files, this should be “C:\Autodesk”, as suggested above.

You may find that there is more that one file, locate the file that has 001 in the name, as shown below.

Right click on this file and select “Run as Administrator”.

The files will now extract to the default “C:\Autodesk” location, once complete the installer will start.

Run through the installer as normal.

Post Installation: While you are still logged on as the Administrator, do the following:

  1. Fire up the software (this will register it correctly with the OS)
  2. Re-enable you anti-virus
  3. Set your UAC back to it’s original setting
  4. Set the shortcut to always run as Admin, to do this, right click on the icon, go to “Properties”, then choose “Advanced”, set the “Run as administrator” check box to on.

Congratulations, you have done it, now reboot the PC and you’re all set.

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