Setting up Duplicate Search in Vault 2020.2

I mentioned the launch of Duplicate Search for Vault 2020.2 in a previous blog post. Once you have installed the update (brief update instructions at the bottom of this post), the new Duplicate Search Dashboard is available in your Vault client. To set up the duplicate search, from your Vault Settings (Tools > Administration >Vault... Continue Reading →

2019 – A Year in Review

And that's a wrap! 2020 is on the horizon. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited the site in 2019, thank you for your support. I run this site as a hobby, generally putting blog posts together on the weekends, usually early on Saturday mornings with a cup of... Continue Reading →

Vault 2020.2 Duplicate Search

The Vault team have just made "Duplicate Search" available to subscription customers. This is different to any duplicate searches that you have run on your Vault in the past, as this new technology allows you to search for duplicate files by their 3D shape. The new duplicate search actually compares the geometry of files to... Continue Reading →

iLogic: Avoiding Errors with LOD’s

If you have ever wanted to suppress a component using iLogic, you may have come up against the error message below. Error in rule: RuleName, in document: XYZ.iam Component.IsActive: Cannot change the suppression state of component ABC:1. The active Level of Detail in XYZ.iam is not a custom Level of Detail. The reason for this,... Continue Reading →

What Exactly is iLogic?

What is iLogic? iLogic is an interface that allows Inventor users (non coders) to create routines that automate common tasks, such as changing parameters, updating part numbers, or checking that the correct material has been assigned to the model. Here are 3 reasons to use iLogic: Rules-based design with no programming expertise required Simple way... Continue Reading →

Updated Inventor Starwars Intro

few months back I published the "Creating a Star Wars Intro Scroll in Autodesk Inventor" blog post. This is the updated version, I'm calling it IntroScroller2.0 : In the original post I did not share the files, which a few people have since asked me for, so I thought I would post them, but I also... Continue Reading →

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