What Exactly is iLogic?

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What is iLogic?

iLogic is an interface that allows Inventor users (non coders) to create routines that automate common tasks, such as changing parameters, updating part numbers, or checking that the correct material has been assigned to the model.

Here are 3 reasons to use iLogic:

  • Rules-based design with no programming expertise required
  • Simple way to control complex design variants.
  • Automate tedious design tasks

iLogic provides a toolset that turns parametric models into product configurators.

By creating iLogic rules, a user can interact with the Inventor model or drawing, changing parameters and iProperties with ease.

iLogic utilises Wizards to help users quickly create code blocks, the example below shows how easy it is to create a message box.

@ClintBrown3D Autodesk Inventor 08-min

“Snippets” are one of the most useful features, they contain pre-baked code which is fully customisable. An Inventor user with a good grasp of Parameters and iProperties, will be able to navigate basic iLogic using these Snippets, and will be creating iLogic routines in no time!

@ClintBrown3D Autodesk Inventor 04-min

Snippets together with Wizards, give new users a really simple way to learn the basics of iLogic.

In addition to rules, users are able to create forms to drive their models and drawings, you can even run an iLogic rule from a form. Creating forms is really intuitive, and requires no coding knowledge. Forms are built using a drag and drop interface.

@ClintBrown3D Autodesk Inventor 01.png

iLogic has been a part of Inventor since the 2011 release, with several enhancements making it ever easier to use.

What about advanced users? The good news is that iLogic harnesses the power of Inventor’s API, the programming language is very similar to VB.NET, making it easy to learn and use.

What makes iLogic better than say DriveWorks? The fact that iLogic is baked into Inventor is probably the best reason. iLogic is effectively free, as it’s part of Inventor and does not require any additional expensive licences and it’s really easy to learn.

What are the next steps? If you’re thinking about learning iLogic, my best advice is to speak to your reseller, they will be able to teach you the basics and get you started on your iLogic journey.

There’s also a pretty cool Autodesk University class called iLogic from Zero to 60 in 90, check it out here.

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