iProperty Tool-Tip with iLogic

I found some code on a forum showing how to handle mouse events in iLogic. Using the mouse selection code, I decided to write a bit of iLogic to show iProperties, for parts selected in an Assembly file. In the code, I have set the selection filter to "Part", the default is "Component", this means that... Continue Reading →

Force Unit Type with iLogic

Quick Sunday blog on forcing, or setting your Inventor document units, with iLogic. Last week, I spent some time with Autodesk Inventor users, who have had a few issues with imported files, or files supplied by others. This can be anything from the wrong units, to a preference for Grams over Kilograms on Metric files.... Continue Reading →

Automatic Drawings with iLogic

I've written some code to automatically create drawings from Autodesk Inventor part and assembly files. The idea that I used for this blog post was to have a drawings template file set up with views, and to then simply replace these views with a given model as needed. The GIF below shows how the code... Continue Reading →

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