iProperty Tool-Tip with iLogic

Autodesk Inventor - iLogic iProperties tool tip selection

I found some code on a forum showing how to handle mouse events in iLogic. Using the mouse selection code, I decided to write a bit of iLogic to show iProperties, for parts selected in an Assembly file.

In the code, I have set the selection filter to “Part”, the default is “Component”, this means that a user is able to select a part file in an assembly, regardless of it’s position in a sub assembly. This can be set back to “Component” in the code by setting the selection filter as shown below.


The animated GIF shows the code in action, note I am using an iTrigger to fire the rule:

Inventor ilogic iproperty tooltip

Here’s the code:

'Code by @ClintBrown3D
'Originally posted at https://clintbrown.co.uk/iproperty-tool-tip-with-ilogic
'Mouse input code based on this forum post: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/inventor-customization/ilogic-to-handle-mouse-event-for-part-selection/td-p/3902918

Dim doc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
Dim entity = ThisApplication.CommandManager.Pick(SelectionFilterEnum.kAssemblyLeafOccurrenceFilter, "Select a Part :)")

If (Not entity Is Nothing) Then
	oOne = "Part Number  : " & iProperties.Value(entity.Name, "Project", "Part Number")
	oTwo = "Mass               : " & Round(iProperties.MassOfComponent(entity.Name), 2) & " kg"
	oThree = "Material          : " & iProperties.MaterialOfComponent(entity.Name)
	oFour = "Designer         : " & iProperties.Value(entity.Name, "Project", "Designer")
	'oFive = "Description     : " & iProperties.Value(entity.Name, "Project", "Description")
	MessageBox.Show(oOne & vbLf & oTwo & vbLf & oThree & vbLf & oFour & vbLf & oFive, entity.Name & "    @ClintBrown3D")
End If

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