Inventor: Quick DXF Export From Faces & Sketches


@ClintBrown3D Autodesk Inventor export DXF

Any flat face in Inventor can be exported directly to DXF (or DWG), with a right-click. This makes the creation of parts like gaskets very simple, or if you need to quickly create a DXF for laser or water jet cutting. Your sketches used to create features can also be exported as DXFs.

In a part file (.ipt) simply right-click on the face, then select “Export Face As”. You will be prompted for a file name.

Autodesk Inventor Export face to DXF

By default the file type is DXF, but you can select DWG from the drop-down.

Autodesk Inventor Export to DXF

Clicking on the “Options” button will allow you to choose the version of DXF (or DWG) that you wish to save.

Autodesk Inventor DXF

In assemblies (.iam) files, the workflow is just as easy, but you will need to have the correct selection filter enabled. By default Assembly files use a “Component Priority” selection filter. Set your filter to “Faces and Edges”.

With “Faces and Edges” enabled, you can now right-click on any flat face in the assembly and export it to DXF, as with part files.

Autodesk Inventor Selection Filters

Every sketch created in Inventor can also be exported out to DXF, simply right-click on the sketch and choose “Export sketch As”, follow the steps as laid out above.

Autodesk Inventor Export Sketch to DXF

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