Vault 2020.2 Duplicate Search

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The Vault team have just made “Duplicate Search” available to subscription customers. This is different to any duplicate searches that you have run on your Vault in the past, as this new technology allows you to search for duplicate files by their 3D shape. The new duplicate search actually compares the geometry of files to find duplicates!

Check out the video below for more details on the new functionality.

To get access to this exciting new update, you will need to apply the 2020.2 update to your Vault. If you are running Vault 2020, there should be updates available in your Autodesk Desktop App. Note that the update needs to be applied to both your Client and Server, so you will most probably need your IT department and or Autodesk Reseller to assist with this.

ALWAYS read the readme and release documentation before doing any upgrades on a live system!

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When I upgraded my server (through the Autodesk Desktop App). I still needed to migrate the databases, as per any Vault upgrade.

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For more on setting up Duplicate Search, have a look at this blog post.

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