Automate DXF Flat Patterns with iLogic

Clint Autodesk Inventor iLogic flat pattern DXF

I’ve written a bit of iLogic code that will export out a DXF file from a sheet metal model. The code checks whether a flat pattern exists in the part, if one is present, it goes to the flat pattern, exports the DXF to the predetermined file location and then returns the part back to it’s folded state. If there is not flat pattern, it creates one and follows the steps outlined above.

The Animated GIF below shows the code in action:

DXF out.gif

Here’s the iLogic Code:

'Code by @ClintBrown3D originally posted at
'Set your filepath here:
SETFilePath = "C:\Temp"

Dim partDoc As PartDocument
If ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.DocumentType <> kPartDocumentObject Then
MessageBox.Show ("Please open a part document", "iLogic")
End If

'Check for flat pattern >> create one if needed
Dim oDoc As PartDocument
oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
Dim oCompDef As SheetMetalComponentDefinition
oCompDef = oDoc.ComponentDefinition
If oCompDef.HasFlatPattern = False Then

End If

'DXF Settings
Dim sOut As String
Dim sPATH As String
sOut = "FLAT PATTERN DXF?AcadVersion=2000&OuterProfileLayer=IV_INTERIOR_PROFILES"
Dim sFname As String
sFname = SETFilePath & "\" & ThisDoc.FileName(False) & ".dxf"

'Export the DXF and fold the model back up
oCompDef.DataIO.WriteDataToFile( sOut, sFname)
Dim oSMDef As SheetMetalComponentDefinition
oSMDef = oDoc.ComponentDefinition

'ThisApplication.StatusBarText = "@ClintBrown3D:  DXF saved to: " & sFname
MessageBox.Show("DXF saved to: " & sFname, "@ClintBrown3D:     Success!")

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