6 Months of The New Blog


6 Months ago, I revamped my old web page and started this new blog. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited this site, or shared any of my posts online.

I have been blown away by the popularity of the site, in such a short time period. So once again, thank you.

One of the first articles that I wrote, detailed the move from an old Google site to a more modern WordPress platform.

Here are the top 5 articles (in terms of traffic) so far:

The other interesting thing, has been looking at statistics around visitors. Most of the traffic is from the UK and USA, but what I find fascinating is the referrals from search engines. I expected Bing to be a bit more popular (due to the Windows/Cortana tie in), but maybe CAD users are a particularly loyal Google demographic, I know I am.


This is a hobbyist project, that I put together in my spare time, so thanks again for visiting the site.

If you have any feedback, or want to write a guest post, please get in touch.

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