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Welcome to the re-vamped site, it has been neglected over the last few years. For those interested in what I’ve done, I have migrated over from an old Google Sites web page to a WordPress hosted site. The process was actually painless once I located my DNS settings, which my domain provider had squirrelled away.

The main features of the new site, are that it is optimised for mobile, tablets and desktop. It should also be optimised for AMP, which according to my research is all the rage with Search engines at the moment.

Future Plans:

Blogging and knowledge sharing. I’m planning to keep a regular tech based blog interspersed with Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Fusion 360 etc. tips and tricks.


More like why not! The old site was very restrictive, and with the new platform, I will have a lot more freedom to create and share content.


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