Autodesk University 2018 Review

#AU2018, Autodesk University 2018

I was fortunate enough to visit Autodesk University in Las Vegas this year, and I had a really good time networking with industry peers, meeting my new colleagues from our European teams, and catching up with a few key Autodesk folks.

My favourite classes and meetings at AU, are always the ones that I can’t talk about, which as a blogger is a bit frustrating, but what I can say, is that the Inventor, Vault and BIM 360 development teams are all working on some rather exciting developments. All of which I look forward to seeing in future releases. I was particularly impressed by the enhancements that are coming to Inventor, we were shown a few new workflows and features that are game-changing.

You can catch the Opening Keynote Here:

Here’s the Product Design & Manufacturing Keynote:

Here are a few photos from the event:

AU Party – the band playing are called the Spastics
Luke and James from the Unpro Engineering podcast. I was fortunate enough to watch a live podcast, which was really inspiring.
I built an Air Quality Monitor in the Factory at AU, check out Shaan Hurley’s blog here.
Some Pics from Day 1 – The top image is of Lunch!
Generative Design for home design
Meeting the Team 
JPL Lander. This was designed with Generative designed, the main body is cast, the legs are 3 Axis Milled.

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