Everything You Need To Know About Inventor’s New Spell Checker


The 2019.2 update for Inventor FINALLY includes a spell checker for the drawing environment. This is a feature that users have been requesting for some time, and it is a really nice enhancement to the drawing environment.

The tool is available in the “Format Text” dialogue boxes, which come up when adding text to drawing files.

Spell Check settings can be accessed by right clicking anywhere in the editor.

Autodesk Inventor Spell Check 2019.2

Out of the box, the settings need a small tweak, my settings look like the image below, note that the default Language is set to English (United States).

Autodesk Inventor Spell Check


This tool only works in the drawing environment and only works in the text editor. There is no “Global” Spell check, so you will need to go into each text block to check your spelling. If you have many different text blocks on your drawing, you may want to try the workaround shown below.

Global Spell Check Workaround:

This workaround will only find errors, it will not fix them. The workaround is to use AutoCAD’s spell checker. As this is a workaround, there are some limitations, so read to the end!

Open your Inventor DWG in AutoCAD (if you use IDW’s this will not work). Simply type “SPELL” into the command line, and then hit start.


AutoCAD will guide you through each of the words that it sees as mis-spelled.


Any changes that are made to any text in the Inventor drawing (via AutoCAD) will not reflect in Inventor, so use this method as a tool to identify where spelling mistakes have been made, and then correct them in Inventor.

The AutoCAD spell checker will find spelling mistakes on your parts lists too, these spellings will most likely reside within your part or assembly file properties, so you may wish to amend these there.

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