3 Tips to Survive Autodesk University

Autodesk University las vegas3

There are some really good blog posts out there by Shaan Hurley and Paul Munford with tips for attending AU, please give them a read. Shaan’s thrive guide is awesome (it’s a bit of a longer read, but well worth it!) This blog post, is my top 3 survival tips.

If you are lucky enough to be travelling to Autodesk University in Las Vegas this year, you may want to include the items listed below in your luggage.

1: Power

Power Bank, US adaptor, Multi-plug

Remember to pack your charger(s) and a power bank for your mobile devices. I always pack a Multi-plug and a US adaptor, so that I can plug in my laptop, any chargers and anything else into the multi-plug.

2. Comfy Shoes

Pack comfortable shoes. You are going to be walking a lot! I measured anywhere between 5 and 8 miles a day last year. Also consider that you will be doing a lot of standing too.


3. Lip Balm

The combination of dry desert air and air conditioning will eventually dry your skin out, some lip balm may just help prevent your lips from cracking.


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