AU London 2018 Recording is live


My AU London 2018 Class: Need for Speed: 102 Productivity Hacks for Inventor, is now live on the AU portal.

See the video of my session below.

You can find the other classes here:


  • Discover 102 Inventor tips and tricks
  • Setting Application Options
  • Create and run iLogic rules
  • Set up Inventor templates



This session is designed to help improve your Inventor workflows. I’ll share tips for boosting the performance of your current Inventor workstation. I’ll cover best practices for speeding up your general design workflows, including optimising template files and improving your design workflows within Inventor. I’ll also share custom iLogic rules to help speed up common everyday tasks. I’ll also share some of the less obvious tips, tricks, and features, as well as other productivity tips and workflows learned from thousands of support tickets and years of Inventor use. New and experienced users alike will learn from this session.

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