Autodesk AMF + Generative Design


I had the privilege of attending a Generative Design Workshop at the Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Birmingham today. Pictured above is the BAC Mono, which is permanently parked in the foyer.

The event was hosted by Paul Munford and Harv Saund of Autodesk.

Tour of the Autodesk AMF Birmingham:

I arrived a bit early, and was lucky enough to tag along on Harv’s tour of the facility. Autodesk AMF is one of 7 manufacturing excellence centres that Autodesk have around the world. Besides the offices, there are 2 downstairs areas, the larger of the 2 is an R and D section, I was unable to take photos, but imagine a MASSIVE tool room packed full of amazing CNC milling machines, robots, additive welding machines and other cool tools, which Autodesk use to test their software on, and to help customers prototype new workflows.

The second section is the maker space, which is a bit more of a collaborative area, full of 3D printers and prototype components.

Generative Design Workshop:


Paul and Harv ran through some really interesting use cases and then kicked off the workshop. We ran through 2 examples, the first was based on the GE jet engine bracket on Grabcad.

Here’s an overview of Generative Design in Fusion 360.

Below is a screenshot of my result of the GE Bracket workshop.


Below is an animated GIF of the bracket exercise results, that I ran on my laptop after the event.


This video which loosely covers what we did on the first part of the workshop (GE bracket) courtesy of Lars Christensen:

For more information on generative design check out Autodesk’s site here.

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