Super Charge Your Vault Searches

autodesk vautl search - clint brown

Autodesk Vault has some very powerful search functionality built in, and with a few extra tricks up our sleeve, you can become a search Jedi!

Here are a few things you can try.

Try *. to find files of a specific extension:

eg: *.ipt will find all part files, *.iam will find all assembly files

Try wildcard searches (*&?):

eg; 123* will return a search for every number starting with 123

eg: 123? will return a search for every number containing 123

Try Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT, & “”)

AND: Searches for x AND y in any order. The search granny AND smith returns anything containing both words.

OR: Searches for either x OR y. The search granny OR smith returns anything containing either word.

NOT: Searches for documents that do NOT contain x. The search NOT granny returns anything which does not contain granny.

” “ : Searches for the exact phrase contained within the quotation marks. The search “”granny smith”” returns everything containing the exact phrase granny smith.

Note: Boolean Searches are not case sensitive. Find out even more about Autodesk Vault search and learn about search tokens in this handy Autodesk Vault help article.


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