Batch Logic for Inventor & Vault

Thomas Rambach of recently asked if I would BETA test his latest creation "Batch Logic". Before I get into Batch Logic, it's worth pointing out that Thomas is the creator of Swift Prints and Design Notes for Inventor. Batch Logic is two fantastic utilities rolled into one, the first for Inventor and another for... Continue Reading →

Vault 2020.2 Duplicate Search

The Vault team have just made "Duplicate Search" available to subscription customers. This is different to any duplicate searches that you have run on your Vault in the past, as this new technology allows you to search for duplicate files by their 3D shape. The new duplicate search actually compares the geometry of files to... Continue Reading →

Easy Collaboration with Shared Views

One of my favourite new features in Autodesk Inventor 2019 has to be "Shared Views". The ability to share a 3D model with almost anyone on practically any device, makes this really powerful. "Shared Views" add the ability to gather design feedback from teams outside of your organisation, and because it's cloud native, there's no... Continue Reading →

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