Fusion Lifecycle Quick Tip: BoM Unit Precision

On a recent training course, I was asked if the default display of BoM quantities in the Fusion Lifecycle “Bill of Materials” workspace could be changed. Out of the box, all quantities are displayed with a decimal place, for example 3.0.

In this instance the quantities would always be whole numbers, below is the workflow to change the precision (by default set to 1), there is no narration, but the video should be self-explanatory. Note you could also adjust the display for additonal decimal places, changing the setting to 2, would result in a dpisplay of 3.00.

From the “General Settings” (under “System Configurations”), scroll down to “BOM Quantity Precision”, here you can adjust the display setting.

I did a brief test where I changed the quantity of bolts from 2.0 to 2.3, then changed the “BOM Quantity Precision” to 0. This changed the display to 2. I then set the “BOM Quantity Precision” back to 1, and the display returned to 2.3. However, you should test this in a sandbox environment and make sure that all of your use cases work before implementing this sort of change on a production environment.

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